Exercise Classes

Keeping active can also be extremely beneficial to patients during their cancer journey which is why at the Fern Centre we have introduced some low impact exercise classes which patients can access free of charge.  These classes include:

Tai Chi – Shibashi Qigong

Shibashi Qigong is the healing form of tai chi which involves gentle movements accessible to everyone and its health benefits are certainly as appealing as its energetic benefits. Said to delay the ageing process and its age-related diseases, strengthening the heart, lungs and kidney and equally importantly calms the mind benefiting those who suffer from stress, anxiety and insomnia. It aids digestion and weight loss while strengthening ligaments and tendons and muscles without over exertion. It improves circulation, reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure and calms the mind.

The series of gentle rocking movements that make up the form offer the organs a massage while really optimizing our bodies vascular systems abilities while tendon, muscular and ligament strength is increased. That in itself is incredible, for a form that takes only about half an hour of daily practice it is little wonder that so many are turning to Shibashi Qigong. Shibashi has proven to be restorative and a go to therapy for those who have suffered any physical trauma, practiced by over 8 million people worldwide it is renowned for its simplicity and efficacy.

These lessons can be accessed by patients, their families or carers.

Online Shibashi Qigong

We have recently introduced an online Qigong class which runs every  Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. if you would like to take part please call the Fern Centre on 01271 311 855 or email us at ndht.theferncentre@nhs.net


Yoga is a form of gentle exercise involving a range of poses or stretches together with breathing exercises to help promote wellbeing and bringing together mind and body.  Breast surgery can sometimes cause restrictions to movement so these sessions have been specifically designed to be accessible to patients post-surgery.  Our instructor Jenny is specially trained in breast cancer specific yoga to ensure this can be performed safely and can offer breast lady specific yoga classes as well as general yoga classes which will run on Tuesdays.

If you would like to get involved with any of our classes please speak to your clinical team or one of our volunteers in the Fern Centre so they can complete a referral for you. When we receive your referral we will need to check with your clinical team to make sure there are no risks to you participating in these classes and provided there are no issues, you will be contacted with more details.

Online Yoga

We have recently introduced online general yoga classes which run every Tuesday at 12:30. If you would like to take part please call the Fern Centre on 01271 311 855 or email us at ndht.theferncentre@nhs.net

Before participating in any of these exercises please check with your clinical team to make sure it is safe for you to do so.

Our volunteer, Jennie has very kindly put together a Yoga session that you can try at home.

Our volunteer, Warren from Acacia Therapies has kindly shared some short videos demonstrating movements for Shibashi Qigong

Vista Wellbeing

Vista Wellbeing have kindly shared some short exercise videos you can try at home to help stay active.

Volunteers needed

We are looking to increase the number of exercise classes available to our patients as well as their relatives or carers. If you are a trained instructor and were interested in volunteering with use please contact us on ndht.theferncentre@nhs.net

Last updated: June 25, 2021