What we fund

With your support, Over and Above funds projects that make a real difference to patients, their families and the staff that treat them in North Devon.

At Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust every ward and department has its own fund where money can be used to buy new equipment or for other needs the ward/department has –we have around 120 different funds.

If you have a specific ward or department you would like to support, or if you would like to find out about the different areas then please contact us.

Below are just a few of the areas you could support:

Cancer and Wellbeing

Our Cancer Services serve a population of 173,275, with around 1,989 new primary cancer cases diagnosed each year. The service aims to provide optimal treatment for patients with cancer at all stages of their illness.

With your help we built the £2.5m Chemotherapy and Day Treatment Unit at North Devon District Hospital (Seamoor Unit) which has created an enhanced environment to treat those affected with cancer.

To complement the Seamoor Unit we have opened our £1.5m Cancer and Wellbeing Centre (The Fern Centre) which will go a long way to help patients living with and beyond cancer.

Your continued support for the Seamoor Unit and the Fern Centre will help us to continue providing vital services for those patients throughout their journey.

Children’s Services

NDHT childrens servicesOur Paediatric Department is based in the wonderful Caroline Thorpe Ward and provides a secure child friendly environment. The department offers a wide range of diagnosis, treatment and support facilities for children and their parents. Being in hospital can be a difficult and stressful time for children and their families,  so there is always a need to provide extra equipment and facilities to ensure we maintain the highest possible level of care and create the best environment possible.

Our Special Care Baby Unit, located immediately next to the Caroline Thorpe Ward, support our youngest patients that need extra special help.  They treat babies who have been born prematurely, that need help with breathing, keeping warm and feeding or have a low birth weight, jaundice, and other conditions.

Research and Development

Research is essential to show us what works (and what doesn’t) in medicine and health care. Improving healthcare for the benefit of patients is at the heart of everything we do, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is very much a research active trust with a hardworking and passionate team, dedicated to gaining the best results.

These are just a few – there are so many areas you can support – to find out more visit https://www.northdevonhealth.nhs.uk/services/.

Please continue to support our wonderful NHS by donating today. Thank you.

Last updated: July 14, 2022