Entertainers in North Devon raise £1,140 for Fortescue Ward “Memory Zone”

This year, “Cloud 9”, “Bradazzle” and “Peculiar Folk”, with various singing and musician friends, concentrated on helping our dementia patients, following their fund-raising success last year for the Seamoor Unit in their “£1,000 Challenge”.

The entertainers from various villages across north Devon ran two evening concerts, an afternoon show, pub singalongs, a cake sale and raffles to raise funds for Fortescue Ward to open a special memory and relaxation area. This will give patients the opportunity to sit, chat, learn and explore in a specially designed cafe-style environment, offering things to do and decoration to bring ‘the outside in’. It will help patients combat confusion and make them feel at home during their stay with us.


Some of the participants visited us on 22nd August and presented their cheque for £1,140. They included Sheila Wright (admin), Shirleyann Andrews (musician and recitalist), Roger Andrews (singer), Linda Atherton (singer and recitalist) and Philip Price (accompanist).  They were pleased to be shown around the ward and the area where the Memory Zone will be established, and will be back again next year.